August 1st & 2nd, 2003

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Class photo with names added
Friday's "Get Reacquainted Party"
Saturday afternoon pool party
Gala banquet Saturday night
Photographer's Proofs

The roster of those attending: Jerry Ainsworth, Ken Alsup, Jim Ayers, Randy Baker, Bill Barton, Jocelyn Bourn Doran, Chris Campbell, * Cathy Cleveland Alsup, Celecia Cochran Covert, * Trey Corley, Craig Cotten, Jerry Craig, Rickey Crane, * Jim Davis, Doug Dickey, Wayne Divine, Robert Donald, Greg Dotson, Dorinda Duncan Kirby, Deborah Easom Warden, Al Eldridge, Mark Ellis, Pat Fisher Russell, Pam Frazier Lovelace, Gary Geiger, * Billy Giardina, Pam Gibson Anglin, Kristi Gray Stapleton, Melvin Griffin, Bobby Hall, Candy Hall Parker, Barbara Hardin Barkes, * Peter Scott Hatten, Carol Ann Heiden Poore, * Richard Herring, Jonna Holder Welch, Scott Houston, Mary Rae Howe Ziegler, Jackie Jones Jaggar, Don Lancaster, Leigh Anne Leech, Cindy Lents Murray, Ben Lewis, Richard Lewis, Rick Lovelace, Jimmy Martin, Julie May Mayor, Anne Montgomery Killingsworth, Connie Pace, * Rickey Parker, Hilton Pate, Greg Patterson, Mark Peoples, Sherry Pillow Smith, Phil Posey, Lecia Powell Beckman, Linda Prechtl Pierce, Beth Quarles Dickey, Scotty Robertson, Dave Ross, David Shirley, * Tim Sickle, Chuck Smith, * Richard Starnes, * Linda Stroud Humphries, Dale Tate, Ron Thomas, Shirley Thomas Merritt, Lynn Walker, Diane Watkins Jackson, Jeff White, John White, Theresa White Ehninger, Pam Whitfield Angelle, Rick Whitlock & Steve Wilson.  If you attended and aren't listed here, please let me know!

* not pictured