Randy Baker
266 11th Street NE, #108
Atlanta, GA  30309
Starting in 1996, I was a Field Engineer with Hewlett-Packard Company.   I enjoyed it, but there was too much travel involved.  I am currently at Emory University in the School of Medicine Administration getting their billing systems for their core laboratories underway.
After high school, I went to several colleges in Mississippi and Georgia.  Didn't graduate because I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up.
I have a group of friends and we go to the house in Highlands, NC to get away from the City.  I also attend live theatre events, the festivals in the park, shop 'til you drop.  I dabble in web development on the side.  I live in Midtown Atlanta on Piedmont Park.  I moved here originally in 1995, but got transferred to Baton Rouge, LA, then back here.  I left here in 1999 only to return in 2002.  I have lived all over the country (Houston, TX; San Diego, CA; Chicago, IL; Mobile, AL; New Orleans, LA).  It allowed me to experience how people in other areas of the country lived.  I learned a lot, but Atlanta is my favorite.  It seems like a small town with the big city amenities. 

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