Tammie Cessna Chisholm 
Cayman Islands
345-325-5078 (cell)
345-946-4417 (home)

Married to James Glenn Chisholm, retired from Exxon in 2003 when we moved to the Cayman Islands.  We have three children – Vince, Sheree and Jennifer; and three grandchildren, Taylor, JR and Zoie.

I am editor on Grand Cayman of Cayman Free Press, which is the media house for three newspapers, a tourism magazine, an outdoor/living magazine, a monthly activities magazine for locals, a financial review magazine, a telephone directory, website and several other supplements and features.

Graduate of Mississippi State University with a degree in journalism.
Although I wasn’t at Forest Hill very long, I have been enjoying catching up with former classmates on Facebook; look for me as Tammie Cessna Chisholm.

Tammie and Glenn
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