Susan Collins Andrews
1523 Cresta Rd.
Colorado Springs, CO  80906
Robert, married 1985, Jennifer, born 1980, Frank, born 1981, and Kathea, born 1978.  We moved to Colorado Springs in January 1991 when Robert took a lateral transfer from the JPD to El Paso County Sheriff's Department.  He is no longer a cop (thank goodness).  He is in computers now.

Our kids are both in the military.  Jennifer is in the Air Force since 2000 and is married to Mark Medieros who is also in the Air Force. We are grandparents - she has two little girls, Taylor, born 2000, and Jordan, born 2004.  They live in San Antonio, TX.  She is an aid to the General there.  She just got her re-assignment to Hawaii with a new General at the end of 2011. 

Frank is a photographer in the Navy since 2001 and is still single.  He just got back from Japan in 2010 and spent a year in the middle of the Indian Ocean.  His next station will be San Diego.

Kathea is my husband's daughter from his first marriage and we haven't seen her since 1992.  We do know that she is married and has a baby but that is all.  It's sad but it is her choice.
I continued in graphic arts after moving to Colorado, working for a T-shirt shop and designing shirts for local businesses and T-Shirt Plus in Denver and Colorado Springs.  I left to work for Media Play as an art director and then became a promotions manager with that company.  I started my own business in 1997 with Partylite Gifts and was with them until 2007 when my best friend talked me into becoming a loan officer.  I worked for this great company until 2007 and when he closed the shop, I worked for a real crook.  I landed at Wells Fargo in March 2008 and just left to work with some really good friends as a loan officer for a correspondent lender.  So I have kind of been a jack of all trades.  My husband and I have started another business, Bright Eyes Art and Framing.  He will be the main framer and I will be doing the sales and artwork.  I paint whenever I have the chance.  I hope that I can get out of the mortgage business to work the frame shop full time soon.
one semester at Belhaven College
Robert and I are kid free, though we do have a Giant Malamute, a mini Dachshund and too many cats.  They are our kids now.  Every time I go back to Jackson, I run into Chris Campbell and it is always in a restaurant or the liquor store!  Colorado Springs is the most beautiful city in Colorado.  We love it here.  Everyday when I look outside it is like looking at a post card.

A family photo

Taylor and Jordan
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