"The Colorized Colonel"

"The Golden Colonel"

"The Engraved Colonel"

"The Black Light Colonel"

Water Cooler Trivia: The Colonel coined the phrase "You
can leave your hat on."  Indeed, he never posed without it.
Well, almost.  See "The Ventilated Colonel," below.


"The Colonel Takes The Hill"

"The Colonel Relaxes At Home"

"The Colonel Gets Down!"
(in the Disco 'Round)
In this seldom seen photo from the late '70s, the Colonel proves that he can boogie with the best of them.  It is not commonly known that the Colonel sported quite a collection of polyester blends during this short-lived era.

"The Colonel At Tip-Off"

"The Silver-Plated Colonel"

"The Ventilated Colonel"

No tour of the gallery is complete without this classic portrait.  Although not wearing his hat, the Colonel is nevertheless putting it to good use.  Thank you for visiting the Gallery of Fine Art.  Please visit our gift shop on your way out, and drive safely.