I wish to thank everyone who makes this website possible.

First, our reunion committees, including those who put together the great Flashback! publication in '88!  This booklet has been invaluable in providing me with basic information to get this website going.  The members: Doug Dickey, Lon Johnson, Jenny Jones Kilburn, Rusty Mullins, Connie Pace, Sherry Pillow Smith, Beth Quarles Dickey, Charles Ramsey, Donna Sikes Sanford, Chuck Smith and Steve Wilson.  I salute you!

Next, YOU, for your ideas and content updates that give the site a unique touch, and along those lines, a special thank you to Mark Peoples, who provided a great amount of terrific material.

My computer guru and best friend from college, Mark Bailey, who has been enabling me to do fun things on computers since 1981.  Mark dragged me kicking and screaming to a word processor to do a term paper in '81, and I've never looked back.  He hosted this website on his own server for the first five years of its life.

Finally, my father, posthumously.  After Daddy died in '96, I found he had never thrown anything away during his 86 years.  He was a counselor at Forest Hill from 1971 to '75, and collected a lot of paraphernalia that I would have trashed on the spot, but now, some of this stuff is quite useful for a project like this.