The "ups & downs" of enrollment in the class of '78

202 classmates photographed in 1974 (the smallest class)
256 graduates in the class of '78 (some sources report 255)
258 classmates photographed in 1978
259 photos in 1978 (one classmate pictured twice)
313 classmates photographed in 1976 (the largest class)
502 classmates photographed in the Rebel from 1973 to 1978
507 classmates total, including three not photographed in 1978
The size of our class fell off by nearly 100 in 1977.  That was the first year that Forest Hill was a Jackson Public School, although I seem to remember that JPS delayed certain changes 'til '78.

Did the annexation have anything to do with this decrease in the size of our class in '77?  Forest Hill had been quite overcrowded in '76 when it was still a county school.  Were a lot of us diverted by the county to alleviate the crunch?  One classmate suggests that the students in the newly-annexed part of the city continued at Forest Hill, while those still living outside the city may have been diverted to Raymond or elsewhere.  But even if so, most of us who were shipped out in '77 were back in '78.  What's up with that?

It has also been proposed that those of us who were going to be the class of '78 were allowed to continue at Forest Hill (the city school) even if we still lived in the county after annexation.  I would hope that was true.  What we do know is that 24 of us were pictured in error with the 10th grade class in Rebel '77, then were pictured back with everyone else in the 12th grade the next year.  But where were the other 75 or so diverted to in '77?  You have any idea?  Perhaps you got messed with in '77.  If you have info, I welcome your input.  Thanks!