Jackie Jones Sarten
13109 Sunnybrook Dr.
Memphis, IN  47143
Rick, married 2005.  The kids have all grown up and moved on!  Chrisy, born 1981, is married and a stay-at-home mama with two sons and one daughter.  Sheley, born 1984, teaches English as a second language at an ESL school in Boston.  Phillip, born 1986, works in the screen printing industry, plays in two bands and still spends a lot of time in downtown Atlanta (yuck!)  ;)  My step son is an RN in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, working toward anesthesia school.  My youngest stepdaughter is married and finishing up college at UT (go Vols!)  My oldest stepdaughter is married and has two little girls.
I am a home-based medical language specialist, working as an independent contractor for large medical conglomerates in Ohio, California and Colorado. 
Hinds Junior College
I still enjoy hunting, hiking, camping, working out and working in the yard.  I also have to admit I have become a University of Tennessee Volunteer convert!  Just couldn't help myself!  GO VOLS!

Chrisy, Sheley and Phillip

My grandsons, Irey and Cole, in 2008

My newest grandchild, Carolina Hope, born June, 2010

My grandchildren:  Irey, Cole and Carolina Hope, summer, 2011

Go Vols!

October 2008 buck
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