I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Walker just before this website debuted, and asked him if he'd provide an address to the class of '78.  He responded with a charge to the students that he used for many years to address the new students arriving at Forest Hill.  Many of us may have first heard these comments in the fall of  '72.
"We welcome you to Forest Hill.  We have a rapidly growing student body, and we are pleased to have you join us.

If you have come from a school where you found the students and teachers to be arrogant, where you found the quality of education to be lacking, and the general attitude to be poor, you'll find the same thing here at Forest Hill.

If you've joined us from a school where you noted a positive attitude, where the teaching is top-notch, and there is a strong pride and school spirit, you'll find the same to be true here at Forest Hill.

We look forward to your accomplishments during the coming years."

Mr. Walker was principal from 1965 through '81, assisted by Mrs. Walker through '78, at which time Jackson Public Schools kicked in a restriction on family ties at any given school.  It seems JPS was a different animal from Hinds County Public Schools. Here's the employment timeline for Mr. & Mrs. Walker from 1965 through '89.

The Walkers are age 77 in 2002.  Retired since '89, they are enjoying good health.  Mr. Walker has undergone hip and knee replacement due to old sports injuries, and he plays golf regularly.  They live just down the road from Forest Hill.

Joe & Delora Walker (1976)