Sharon Simmons Leshe
206 Lafayette 43
Buckner, AR  71827
Note: I inquired about Sharon's father.  Mr. Simmons was our advanced math teacher and grounds maintenance fellow from our Forest Hill days.  I learned that Mr. Simmons retired in '02 after 38 years teaching.  He has lived in Progress, Mississippi since about 1978 where he is tenured as the longest-serving pastor in an "active" church in Mississippi.

Sharon graduated early.  She would have been in the Class of '79.  This makes Sharon the youngest grad in the Class of '78 that I'm aware of, although there are surely numerous others, since there were over 30 of us who would have graduated in '78 who graduated early in '77.  I had no idea there were so many accelerated curriculums underway back then, and I have no idea how many folks who would have graduated in '79 actually graduated early with us in '78.  ja.

Bill, married 1980, Joseph, born 1981, LeeAnne, born 1983, Mitch, born 1987, and Luke, born 1988.  Bill is a Social Studies teacher at Stamps High School.
RN working in ICU while back in school studying for my advanced nursing degree.  Previously worked many years in Palliative (comfort) Care.
Associates in Psychology at Southwest Mississippi Junior College; Associates in Nursing at Southern Arkansas University; finishing up a Bachelors in Nursing at University of Arkansas Medical Science
Enjoy church functions, working out at the gym, family time

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