Chuck Smith
204 Reserve Dr.
Clinton, MS  39056
Vice President of Mid-Western Commercial Roofers, Inc.  We are a commercial roofing company that specializes in providing roofing solutions to corporate accounts such as colleges, corporations, and retail distribution facilities.  We are one of the largest roofing companies in the United States.  I spend approximately five months away from home and enjoy working in such places as Nassau, Bahamas; Las Vegas, Nevada; Palm Springs, California; Miami, Florida; and Scooba, Mississippi.  Hey, wherever the money is!  I still travel all over the country.  I am getting tired of the same old cities, but I try to look for the positive in each of them.
Business A.S., Hinds Junior College; one year, University of Kentucky
My new hobbies are playing the stock market, buying certificates of deposit, investing in people as well as stocks with high dividends and listening to music that has substance and meaning.  My goal is to retire at 55 and travel to all of the places that I will not see before then.  I look forward to making sure my nieces and nephews have whatever they want when they start their lives.  They love their "Uncle Chuck," especially at birthdays and holidays.  Oh well, you are going to spend it anyway.  You can't take it with you so have fun sharing.

I read  many books now.  I am a collector of signed first editions of contemporary and historical writers.  I have signed first editions from Eudora Welty, William Faulkner, Tennessee Williams, and todays writers, John Grisham, Greg Iles, etc.  My readings have inspired me to write myself.  If I decide to write a book based on our class, I, of course, will need all of you to give me permission to do so.  It may be based on fact, or it may be based on fiction.  The response that I get from you all will decide that.

Favorite long time memories, the ones that will be buried with me when I die:  Jonna, Geiger, Howe, Wilks, Prechtl, Ross, Barton,  Heiden, Powell,  Leech, Ball, Selarie, Cade, Pindel, Ellis, Posey, Divine, Hall, and of course, Coach Bill Perry.  Thanks Coach!

I saw Coach Bill Perry on an occasion in 2008.  He was older and fuller and he remembered me.  He grabbed me and hugged me and reminded me of what could have been.  He is coaching Rebul Academy Baseball, which at the time had a 0 and 9 record.  I suggested a more regimented scouting  program.  He agreed and said he wished he had the talent that our class possessed.  The fact that I ran into this legend of a man remains with me to this day.  The fact that he remembered me is more astounding.  Most of my memories of school relate to baseball.  To have the "Man" come up to me 32 years later and hug my neck and remember my name was hard to fathom.  The "Man," "Moose," "The Boss," whatever you want to refer to him as, is alive and well.  Baseball was my life.  I wanted to pitch for St. Louis.  I felt so out of shape when he hugged me.  I felt ashamed and, of course, so out of shape.  I send this update with my only regret to our class: I wanted to play baseball.  That was what I was born to do.  Everything that is good in my life today, came from this man's teachings.  He is an inspiration, not only to our generation, but to all that follow.  I only wish that I could play the game, today, under his coaching.

I am continuing to welcome the years and my great nieces and nephews.
© 2008