Who knows?!  The list of graduates wasn't printed in the commencement program, and a call to the archives department at Jackson Public Schools reveals that they've lost the info on our class.  '77 and '79 are said to be on file.  The librarian at Forest Hill has no idea where a list of grads from '78 would exist, although they have all the grads back to 1990 on file at the library.  Yeh, I know, they call 'em "media centers" these days.

The year-end articles in the Rebel Review were designed to mention all of us, and yet there are classmates not mentioned in those articles, and some not pictured in the '78 Rebel, who appear to be fellow graduates, and just didn't make it to the photography sessions.

Make no mistake, I welcome listings from everyone, whether you graduated with us or not.  So who graduated?  Your guess is as good as mine, and probably even better.